Have you ever been in this kind of a situation?

Let me introduce myself first!

My name is Linda, all of 32, single and I have lived a big part of my life outside India even though my roots are here. I had schooling in the country before moving out in my early teens and it is only over a couple of months since I have returned back to the soil. It is quite a change for me. The country has gone through a sea of changes of whatever I remember it was when my family moved out. Ever since I came back, I have noticed that even though the skyline of the cities has majorly changed and people are now more educated than before, they gape at my face when they hear me talk. Apparently, they find my accent a bit too difficult to follow; I understand. I am trying to repeat as often as I can, to be understood. I believe that being understood is extremely important in today’s times.

The people here are so warm

But this thing that I don’t understand!


I have checked out a lot of physical stores and pharmacies if I can pick up some adult fantasy toys and I have been rudely socked over the people’s outlook over here.

Legitimate Source

There is an education in abundance and globalization is firmly rooted, still, it is difficult to be able to source adult sex toys from legitimate sources.

online shopping

I figured out that if I wanted to buy adults products including sex toys and other paraphernalia, I may have to check out the underbellies of the markets where I may be lucky enough to find a substandard version of what I am looking for!


A friend who is a point of contact in the city I live tells me that the government does not allow the sales of such products in the open market because of the moral dilemmas that Indians have and the risk of degeneration of youngsters that it fears.

Biggest Shopper

Additionally, she also tells me that Indians are the biggest shoppers on online sites selling adult products.


I am trying to repeat as often as I can, to be understood. I believe that being understood is extremely important in today’s times.

Get a spin

Sometimes when we are at the lowest low, one tends to escape bad memories, just walk into a casino to get a spin of their lives.

Women players

The best part of online gambling is surprisingly women players outnumber the men in playing and winning online gambling games.

And what do we see?

With the light on, we see four cartons only in a big hallway. I am wondering if it is a joke. But then the salesman signals us to have a look at the box and see if there is anything that we like.

The stuff is colorful and kinky but the quality is terribly bad. I checked all the boxes to find the quality only deteriorating till I finished the final one.

The person at the counter also reiterated the same. And I was so sure that they were doing this because if the police were to know about their secret, they would not only to reprimand and lose their shop license but they would be also ransomed into doling out a huge amount in return for not taking any cognizable action against them.

This is the sad affair in a country which gave birth to Khajuraho and to the Kama Sutra! Amazing hypocrisy! And then I log on to internet sites to order my fantasy loot!! Where do you ask? This heaven called adultproductsindia.com; check them out to be floored with their awesome range and quality!

The hidden markets

I wanted to check out the hidden market for myself. So, after seven, I trailed off a friend who was trying to take me to a couple of stores that he knew that clandestinely sold adult toys in India.

As soon as we entered, I found the shop to be a normal one; bit messy though selling all kinds of paraphernalia. They didn’t seem to be having any specialty but it was one of those novelty shops where you could walk in and buy sundry things from stationery to sanitary napkins to cosmetics.

So, when we told him the intention with which we were there, he hushed us into speaking quietly ushering us into a door which had a staircase leading us to the shop’s basement. The salesman went in first and switched on the lights.

There was no way I was going to pick up the adult products in this shop even if they were offered for free. The quality was questionable! But there was something that made me stop in my track and that was when the salesman who had shown us the basement stock requested us not to inform any authorities about them stocking the stuff.

About Us

Welcome to your shop!

This internet nook was born when I had my first brush with the Indian psyche. It is okay to do everything here but not have adult fantasy toys selling in the shops. When I came back from the United States, I was shocked that there were no physical shops selling something that is taken for granted the world over.

My statistics were telling a different story!

I was collated the statistics of Indians watching porn on the internet via various devices and their consumption of adult sex toys et al when it just refused to make any sense to me that Indians who wanted to have the freedom to be able to buy pleasure toys are actually finding various other clandestine means to acquire them and that too from offshore websites that mostly are a fraud.

So, we decided to set up an online store

We are based out of India and for reasons best known to the beauracracy we can only operate online because we cannot sell adult pleasure and fantasy kits from a real store. But don’t you worry. We are going to make your shopping a great experience because we know that as a country we are still warming up to shopping online.

So, what do we have up our sleeves?

We have thousands of products in our repertoire and we are coming out with exciting offers and discounts that will be our mainstay throughout the year. Besides, we are offering you free shipping and hold your breath, loyalty points too.

Referrals pay you handsomely here!

If you will spread the good word about us and refer five of your friends to our website of which even of three buys from us, you will get a whopping twenty-five percent off on your three consecutive orders along with a wonderful gift from us to say thank you.We are hoping to see you and your friends out here shortly. Keep cool folks and enjoy. To click this link you can view more about sex toys https://www.adultproductsindia.com.

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